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More Than Just Your IT Department


We offer a one-stop-shop for companies that want to focus on their core business & not on web design & social networking up-keep.

We're offering more than simple web design. Our team will manage your whole web presence from site design to social interaction. Leaving you to get on with the real work.

Are you a web design house or not?

For many companies, the demands placed on them to maintain, nurture & develop social networking sites is onerous. Your presence on social networking sites like Facebook & twitter can go cold & wither if it's not maintained yet, the effort to maintain them can net amazing returns. By using a core team of content moderators & a small staff of seasoned experts, we can maintain your social presence, keeping it fresh & vital.

As part of a regular engagement, we'll bring in team members throughout the weekly/monthly cycle to gather the key information about your companies initiatives & events & keep your social up to date. We'll interact with your customers directly in your voice & call you in for anything that requires specific responses. We'll use our experience & call upon our media experts to help you deal with the opportunities & concerns raised through these new channels.

As you develop your business online & across social networks, our team is available to help you manage & direct, design & budget, in the most efficient way.

Next time you're walking down the high street, take a look at the store fronts, the choice of color & fonts - do they match the business? It's interesting to see which ones do & which don't.

theMichael&PamelaCompany are here to guide & take care of your online presence. give us a spin.


With 25+ years of IT experience, we're very well placed to help you build or re-build your IT systems to take advantage of amazing solutions available today.

  • Consultation & Planning
  • Remote & On-Site Tech Support
  • Phone-A-Friend IT Support

Everyone talks about Moving to the Cloud but what does that mean for your company?

We've worked with companies to transition existing services to the cloud like Google Apps for email then document storage, then full collaboration between employees & teams in ways you can hardly imagine today.

Cloud transitions can also mean cloud connecting existing services, for example adding DATTO backup to an on-site mail server or, simply leveraging cloud based email, DNS, web hosting, etc. as needed, to extend & augment existing services.

At theMichael&PamelaCompany we can guide, assist & execute on cloud services augmentation & service transitions. Give us a spin.


Need a mobile app to match your desktop experience? Want to automate your workforce with a remote solution?

Using internal & external trusted partners, we can quote & build solutions across the board & we specialize in mobile & financial software.

We can guide, assist & execute on development of your project. Give us a spin.


Need an introduction to computer programming? Looking for tuition on how to capitalize on the collaboration features in Google Apps for Work?

We have an expanding range of training options that you can leverage.

Introduction to computer programming & web language

Computer programming has escaped from the domain of the tech geek. Today, so many of the projects that we work on involve some element of computer programming.

We've developed a basic Introduction To Computer Programming day-long course targeted at the newcomer to computer programming. The course is intended to provided managers & inquisitive executives with an introduction to the basics of computer programming in the context of the web.

In no-nonsense, NON-TECHIE speak, a typical day-long event at your location, will cover:

  • The basics of the web; how websites are found & what a web site is.
  • The basics of a computer server; disk, memory, cpu & how the information flows to you.
  • A hands on afternoon of building & automating your own web local site then hosting that for the world to see.

Collaboration for the new millennium

Working together as a team has never been as important as it is today. Tools like Google Apps for Work take collaborative document creation & development to a new level.

We've developed a team training half-day to cover the basics of Collaborating with Google Apps for Work. The course spans the concepts of cloud storage for your work & how that decouples you from traditional office software suites like Microsoft Office.

In no-nonsense, NON-TECHIE speak, a typical half-day event at your location, will cover:

  • The basics of cloud document storage & why we must let go of the local hard drive.
  • Creating a document & reviewing the features available & how they compare to Microsoft Office.
  • A hands on session of document creation, editing & review.

To support our courses, we offer After the Event telephone support for both courses so that you can get a quick recap on the topics discussed.

When you're thinking about giving your team the advantage Give us a spin.

Michael Thwaite


Michael's technology experience spans 30 years including, 15 years in Financial Services & high-speed transaction processing systems, a place where security, speed & reliability are paramount. Developing & managing the systems responsible for trading more that $8B each day became the daily routine. Today Michael develops and supports the software and systems behind platforms such as and is the lead resource here.

Pamela Thwaite


Pamela's experience began completely outside of technology, in child care services running the operations for a Day Care Nursery in the UK. In the US, Pamela took on the role of President of the Parent Teachers Organization at the local Elementary School, before hitting on the idea of automating the Food Day program. Today Pamela runs the day-to-day operations at myFoodDays as well as bringing her uniquely non-techie insight into customer support, development and UX design and testing. Sometimes the best experts are those that aren't deep in the code. Pamela provides that insight at theMichael&PamelaCompany

Everyone else

Part of the team

The rest of the team comprises hand-picked profesionals that we bring in for their expertise. People, so in demand, that no one company can secure then on a permanent basis!

We have partners in Marketing, Sales Automation, Software Development, Infrastructure and more.